Calgary, a city of two halves.

The Overground is safe, peaceful, and above all else; normal. Then there’s the Underground Calgary; The one with the highest concentration of magic left on earth, the most wizards, the most witches, and the most supernatural creatures.  There are those paid to deal with the Underground when it gets out of hand. Government contractors called the Sweepers, bounty hunters, supernatural hitmen, and if all that fails you’re left with only one option; The Dragon Assassins. They may be incompetent. They may be more likely to destroy your property than fix your problem. They may be a combination of lack of talent, a lack of planning, and a lack of caution. But they’re cheap. And they’re too stupid to run away. Even when they’re facing the Nostrum. An ancient entity that has burned dozens of cities to ash. Even when they know they’re going to die. And even when they’re hauling around the corpse of a real girl they accidentally shot. Supernatural creatures may be evil but at least they have the good grace to turn to ash when they die. 

Who are the Dragon Assassins?

Colin Connell, a five-foot five red-headed amnesiac Irishman with a gift for languages and a mastery of all weapons. All undercut by his complete lack of sense, judgement, and warped sense of humor.

Jet, a six-foot seven Mongolian armed with a spell book, a few spells that don’t blow up in his face, a sharp tongue, and his own personal black hole. More cautious than his partner but still finds himself rushing into danger with a smile on his face.

The Dragon Assassins is what Colin and Jet call their supernatural hitmen business, not because they’re assassins who creep in the shadows and carefully plan out ways to kill in the least obtrusive manner possible (they’re more the type to run headlong into danger while yelling at the top of their lungs), and not because they kill Dragons (because dragons are already extinct; everyone knows that) but because Dragon Assassins sounded cool. 


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